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本知识点包括:1、齐白石简介 2、关于齐白石的资料 3、齐白石的生平 4、齐白石的资料 5、齐白石的一生简介 。


Qi (1864 to 1957),Han,Hunan,Xiangtan,ten artists of the twentieth century,the world cultural celebrities.China's famous 20th century painter and calligraphy and seal.A former professor of Beijing art school,Central Academy of Fine Arts professor emeritus,honorary president of Beijing Art Academy,China Artists Association and chairman.Been awarded the "Chinese People's Artist" title,won the annual World Peace Council 1955 International Peace Award.Representative works are "open flowers,fruits,vegetables twelve album","Whitehead depicts Choui stone" and so on.May 22,2011,his greatest works Chifu "Pine Gao Figure Seal four words together," was sold for 425.5 million yuan of the price.



追问: 英文英文。。。


1: 【介绍齐白石的英语作文.】


Qi baishi portrait (20) zhang qi baishi was born into a poor family,done farm work,who lived in hunan LianYuanShi Yang town.In 1877,follow uncle grandfather learnt the carpenter,learn from folk 5years of carve patterns or designs on woodwork carpentry,starting with the ancients had acquisition,handwriting,the original drawing HuaChuan myrosinase garden "and make new sample pretest-posttest carve patterns or designs on woodwork.He learn poems in calligraphy,swim mountains,aides scenic jianchuan guest,finally became a poem,books,seal,draw the historic ShenPin presets great men,He will Chinese paintings of spirit and the spirit of The Times,make unified perfectly flawless Chinese painting to receive international attention,His simple modesty,confident of spirit made him work,work hard and soft JianJi books are good,worthy of people's artist.In his works,a flower-and-bird insect fish,landscapes,figures all qi baishi 1951,photographed (87th)

Fine,are all new,for modern Chinese painting created a simple and pure and fresh the art world.He successfully with classical black ink painting the avatamsaka sutra conveyed modern art spirit,deeply benefited from the classical style and good at new,so his painting can direct touched by the people,to the world's living beings communicate the wisdom of life and the life of philosophy.His landscape painting expression of his artistic innovation self-confidence and profound dao,his paintings reaches longer than preached sentiment,his calligraphy became generous and powerful,vigorous vigorous BiYi into figure painting,perfected the characters inner expression expression.Qi baishi in 1888 starting learns,served the longshan poetry club presidents.In 1890 26-year-old from Gai,turn XiaoXiang when wen less to learn portraits,twenty-seven-year-old from beginning HuQinYuan,ChenShaoFan acquisition poetry painting and calligraphy.37 worship appears many outstanding scholars wang kai-yun as teacher,and successively and WangZhongYan,LiSongAn,such as follows YangDu knot.Qi baishi in his hometown in birthplace successively stars tong,mei male shrine borrow mountain moans hall,she would send ping don.Home blunt Since forty five plays,lhayangjeong outing,traverse out five return,shanxi,yu,Beijing,hebei,hubei province,Shanghai,jiangsu and harry,etc,and enjoy famous mountains,taifeng contemporary celebrity,FanFan mountain,XiaWu among all GuoBaoSun etc,friend.Painting and calligraphy work by phonetic transfer by HeShaoJi body transfer by ding,wei rubbings,character-carving learn ZhaoZhiQian body all yellow.55 BiLuan north,two years later,he settled in Beijing.With ChenShiCeng,xu beihong,ROM,ram LinFengMian in a.tumefaciens microbes.Qi baishi

In 1926,qi baishi became beiping art college,emeritus professor of beiping art writers association,honorary President of the central academy of fine arts honorary professor,central WenShiGuan research librarians,Chinese people,foreign culture association,honorary President of the Chinese academy of Chinese painting,Beijing institute,chairman of the national artist association President,1949 July and September 1953 twice to attend the all-china literature and arts workers congress,the national federation of continuous elected members,In 1954 August was elected the first National People's Congress; With chairman MAO zedong companionship and suffered what deep interview,January 1953 ministry authorized commendations and "people's artist" title; 1955 December the German democratic republic art academy of sciences,given its communication academician honor shape,In April 1956 the world peace council authorized 1955 annual international peace prize,September held ceremonies,In 1963 by the world peace council held up as world cultural celebrities.During the Anti-Japanese War,said "painting not to sell and anonymous".1946 restart sell paintings stamp-carving career,the same year in nanjing,Shanghai exhibitions,and as beiping merchant honorary professor.With the borrow mountain moans hall poem grass ","the baishi poem grass","the baishi printed grass","the old man baishi autobiography of etc.The publication has "qi baishi." complete works of various zhou 100.74,and huang bin-hong swim shu,jinsong cen meet.Qi bai-shi's life were two wives,a total of five female scholars.1874 by parents advocate marry bride ChenShiChun gentleman,1881 with his wife and have ChenChunJun sexual consummation (good yuan,good eliphelet Fei,LiangKun) two women,1940 FaQi ChenChunJun in xiangtan hometown died; In 1919 betroth sichuanese HuBaoZhu abda room,1941 and have made after the centralizer four children (good late third,good,good,good end) in three women.In 1943 HuBaoZhu disease died.Qi baishi is China's 20th century famous painter and calligraphy seal cutting.Former Beijing national merchant,professor of the central academy of fine arts,Beijing academy of honorary professor,member of Chinese artists association,honorary President of the President of the work.Chinese people has been awarded the title of the artist ",won the world peace council 1955 annual international peace gold medal,1963 the 100th anniversary be elected as "world culture celebrities," etc."Baishi poem grass","the baishi printed grass"

,"qi baishi portfolio","qi baishi anthology" handed down.

2: 齐白石的英文介绍


Qi Baishi (or should I call him Qi White Stone),a modern Chinese painter most famous for his beginning painting at middle-age,used a host of hao on paintings,since he kept changing them over the years.

He didn’t stop with hao either; he also completely changed his first and last names,finally settling on the Qi Baishi by which he is best known.His “nomography” (I made that term up),which I have below,is a good example of how transitory a Chinese name can be (my translations):

Original surname and given name:纯芝Chun Zhi

First hao:渭青Green,兰亭Orchid Pagoda

Later surname:齐Qi

Later given name:璜Huang

Later hao:濒生Bordering Birth,白石山人White Stone Mountain Person,红豆生Red Bean Born,木居士Wood Inhabitant…



提示:齐白石(1864年1月1日─1957年9月16日),祖籍安徽宿州砀山,生于湖南长沙府湘潭(今湖南湘潭)。 原名纯芝,字渭青,号兰亭。后改名璜,字濒生,号白石、白石山翁、老萍、饿叟、借山吟馆主者、寄萍堂上老人、三百石印富翁。 是近现代中国绘画大...






提示:齐白石(1864-1957),湖南湘潭人,二十世纪中国画艺术大师,二十世纪十大书法家之一,世界文化名人。 齐白石1864年元旦(清同治二年癸亥十一月二十二日)出生于湘潭县白石铺杏子坞,1957年9月16日(丁酉年八月二十三日)病逝于北京,终年九十...


提示:齐白石(1864年1月1日─1957年9月16日),生于湖南长沙府湘潭(今湖南湘潭)人。原名纯芝,字渭青,号兰亭。后改名璜,字濒生,号白石、白石山翁、老萍、饿叟、借山吟馆主者、寄萍堂上老人、三百石印富翁。[1] 是近现代中国绘画大师,世界文化名...

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